TokenX: a text visualization, analysis, and play tool
  1. Choose file
  1. Normal view
  2. Word cloud view
  3. Highlight words
  4. Keyword in context
  5. Replace words with blocks
  6. Highlight punctuation
    and non-words

  1. Search for frequencies of

  2. Search for sequences of
    words (n-grams)
    new feature
  3. List sequences of words
    new feature
  4. Concordance view
    (one work)

  5. Concordance view
    (all works)
    new feature
  6. Word counts in context
  7. Word statistics
  8. Punctuation and non-word

  1. Substitute words
  2. Replace words with images
  1. View list


     The author gratefully acknowledges the following individuals for their numerous helpful suggestions, time, test cases, questions, and critiques of TokenX.

Zacharia Bajaber
Brett Barney
Jason Bougger
Amanda Gailey
Andrew Jewell
Kenneth M. Price
Lisa M. PytlikZillig
Stacy Rickel
Katherine L. Walter
Laura Weakly


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TokenX was created by Brian L. Pytlik Zillig
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